Addiction to Social Media

November 1st, 2012

How many times a day do you visit a social networking site? Do you have an app on your phone for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest? Are you¬†constantly checking to see whats new? If you answered these questions you might have an addiction to social networking sites. Do not be ashamed there are more than 1 Billion Facebook users and 600 million are mobile users. In 2012 statistics show that there are 140 million people on twitter. So do not be upset with yourself if you are always checking your pages to see what is new or who just posted a new status.The addiction that people have with social networking sites can not only ruin your “real world” social life, but can also affect your school work as well. When I attend my classes, more than half of the class is on their computers. More than 75% of those students on laptops are on social networking sites. While professors are lecturing students are posting videos and comments. Now some professors limit students to not bringing laptops into class because they are so distracting and students need to pay attention in class.¬†Pinterest and Facebook can cause a student to be kicked out or even fail out of college. Without protection from social media they can slowly ruin our lives without even knowing it. Just today I have spent more time on a social media site than I have studying for my exam tomorrow. Logging on to these networks while trying to get work done can be the end of your dreams and careers. Stop putting them as home pages, work on checking your status every couple of hours until you can go a day without looking at it and maybe you can save your future in the “real world”.

-Alison M.


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