Rhetorical Analysis

Drawing on everything we studying during the course, we were given the choice of writing a rhetorical analysis on any topic we wanted.  It could have been a political speech, a piece of literature, a song, etc.  As long as it was a piece of media that attempted to make a statement or argument, it was eligible.  I chose to write on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and her attempt to make criticism of humanity’s dependence on technology and the lost humility mankind had when considering our place in nature.  Forcing myself to look into Shelley’s rhetoric started as a bit of a challenge, but I easily understood what to look for soon after.  I looked at Shelley’s pathos and logos within her writing as well as doing a little research on her to establish her credibility or ethos.  Finishing the project helped in my ability to analyze an author’s argument even if I don’t agree with what they’re saying.