Course Journal

Over the course of the class, we have read multiple chapters of the book Rhetoric on Civic Life to better understand concepts and terminology used when attempting to make an argument.   There were some chapters where the topics seemed very obvious, such as the influence of imagery on the feel of an argument, supplementing it in a way that enhances the words spoken/written.  However, some of the chapters had a few concepts that went over my head, such as the idea of “polyvalence”, which is an audience’s ability to relate to the argument presented.  We also read pieces by Henry David Thoreau which I think helped greatly explain how rhetoric can be used in a piece of literature by providing useful examples of actually reading the story as well as having it read to us in class.  I found the concepts of ethos, logos, and pathos extremely helpful when it came to my own personal writing.  I used the concepts in my writing in class as well as writing for other classes, helping me focus my central argument in a more precise way.