Upon finishing this course, I better understand my own writing and how I can apply myself to better get my own points across in life.  Using the journal entries as well as my rhetorical analysis, I know now to look into sides of an argument that I wouldn’t have previously considered.  My common good project helped me the most, by forcing me to ask questions that I didn’t know had an answer to them.  By looking for things that I never knew to try and find, I better understand my capabilities to research and understand an issue.  Outside of the classroom, I hope I can further advance my skills as a writer as well as a storyteller as I said before.  I’m sure I will find other applications for this class in future classes as well, and possibly in any career endeavors I pursue.  I would also actually like to purse more information in regards to what I found out in my common good project.  Some of the research actually surprised me and it’s something I feel a personal connection to.