I am Skylar Yeatts! I have been an animal lover since the day I was born and have not stopped since. I currently own 12 dogs, which you all can see on this page. They are all my four-legged children and have their own places in my heart. They have helped me develop in many ways and have taught me more than I could ever repay them. They have also helped spark some of my biggest dreams and goals.  I currently work at a No-Kill animal shelter and want to do nothing expect give back to animals and their people.

I am currently a student at Longwood University – a senior. I graduate this spring and hope to move forward in getting a master’s degree in athrozoology. I want to study the interactions between humans and their animals. I want to see how they bond and what makes their relationships so individual and uniquely special. I want to not only help the animals in need, but help the humans who need help just as much.

I have dedicated this blog entirely to my future plans and I hope you all enjoy reading about a future filled with dog paws and lots of love.