Journal #4

November 1st, 2017

The course COMM 375, formally known as Public Relations Research, has helped me greatly throughout the entirety of my internship. It has specifically taught me how to properly go about gathering information before working on a project. For example, before working on and completing the giving gociety member birthday cards, I contacted the Director of Donors from both the University of Virginia and the University of Mary Washington, via email, and asked them for advice on design and format. Both Directors responded within the week with great advice and a copy of their current birthday card intended for giving society members. While I have applied my new methods of research to my internship in order to complete projects and various assignments, another communication studies course that has assisted me tremendously is COMM 460, known as Communication Research Methods. While I have acquired knowledge of similar methods of research through both research intensive courses, within my Communications Research Methods class, I have specifically learned how to follow through with the completion of my projects in a fully edited and timely manner. While these courses taught me about different research methods and how to following through with deadlines, one other class has allowed me to make a great impression on my supervisor. The course COMM 410, Digital and Social Media Technology, taught me how to market to my audience and consumer needs when creating original content. I have recently created the Events Calendar for the monthly donor newsletter. I first decided on which events to include within the newsletter. I then created a Longwood, brand approved, layout with various Longwood, company and event logos. I finalized the newsletter by including the time and location of the event, contact information and  where to purchase specific tickets for attendance. After the completion of the Events Calendar, my superiors were so impressed with my work that I was assigned to create the webpage layout for the new Day of Giving Campaign that will be located on Longwood University’s main website soon. I am very excited to complete my current projects and I am looking forward to seeing what the remainder of my internship holds in store for me.

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