Journal #3

October 11th, 2017

Since my last journal entry, I have been tasked with many interesting projects. I have been actively editing the Day of Giving (DOG) informational document by including Longwood approved font colors and graphics for staff and university use. I really enjoy working on this project with Longwood alum Katherine Bulifant, the Director of Annual Giving, because she has allowed me to be present when contacting the graphic designer, has trusted me to freely choose colors for the document font, according to the Longwood Branding Guide, and has allowed me to try my hand at creating Day of Giving graphics for specific educational departments. I have also, recently, been tasked with a project in which my supervisor assigned to me. She wants me to create birthday cards for Longwood University’s three giving societies which include the Rotunda Society, the 1839 Society and the Citizen Leader Society. Since being tasked with this assignment, I have contacted Donor Relations Directors from both the University of Mary Washington and the University of Virginia to see what they do for their giving society members on their birthdays. I was very impressed with the information I received from them. The Director of Donor Relations from the University of Virginia emailed me back almost immediately with kind regards and attachments of their most current birthday card and electronic greeting document that they send to giving society members. I am continuing to work on this project throughout the semester, but have already created two rough drafts for the Rotunda Society and the Citizen Leader Society. While my internship continues to be the highlight of my Fall semester, I have had a couple of dilemmas. Sadly, I have faced a few new challenges since working my internship. I fell ill not once but twice this semester, which caused me to miss a few days. Also, this past Monday afternoon, I experienced my first, immediate, family death. My Granddaddy’s dementia sped up more rapidly than my family had anticipated. This will naturally, also effect my hours this coming Friday. Throughout all of this, my supervisor has been very understanding and is confident that I will make up or even still exceed my intended hours. These experiences have taught me that even if life hits me all at once, I am still capable of working through the pain of sickness and losing a close family member with a smile on my face and a dedicated work ethic.

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