Introducing, Me

Hello! I’m Sarah Myroup, a Liberal Studies major with a concentration in Elementary Education. I’ve always had a heart for and interest in teaching, which I came to realize during my junior and senior years of high school. I was enrolled in a program known as Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow, where I was given the opportunity to work in an actual classroom. I worked with the same fourth-grade teacher both years, who showed me how creativity and passion can make for an outstanding, incredibly formative learning environment. I saw how forming positive relationships with students can greatly influence their disposition towards school, and discovered how much I love working alongside the next generation and encouraging them to be unapologetically themselves. I cannot wait to delve more deeply into the field of teaching here at Longwood and become the best possible teacher I can be!

During my first year at Longwood, I did not find myself in too many organizations. However, I did end up rushing during the spring semester, where I found my home in the sorority Sigma Sigma Sigma! Through them, I have been able to meet a variety of new, empowering women, and find new community service opportunities. Either through a Sigma-organized event or just by the suggestion of one of my sisters, I have volunteered at FACES, the Andy Taylor Center for Child Development, the United Methodist Church on Main Street, and at the Robbie Page Play Atrium within the hospital at the University of North Carolina. I have found a passion for helping others and giving back. I cannot wait to grow as a leader and as a woman within this chapter.

I came to Longwood having one close friend there, who ended up living just down the hall from me this past year. Other than him, I knew virtually no one. That did not last for long, though. Through the Honors Retreat, New Lancer Days, work, and classes, my circle of friends soon began expanding. Many nights were spent in Wheeler lobby, either baking, chatting, watching tv, or playing games with friends. My suitemate became my best friend. Many nights were spent bouncing from room to room. I truly understand the truth behind the statement that I cannot walk across campus without seeing a friend.

I also worked this past year. Through work-study, I was a redshirt employee at Dorrill Dining Hall. This job allowed me to consider my spending more carefully. I quickly learned money management, finding how I could disperse my biweekly paycheck among my needs, savings, and maybe some fun activities. Next semester, I am incredibly excited to begin a new job as an ITC representative at the DEC! I believe this will be a great opportunity to learn more about new technology that I could use as an educator, as well as improve my communication skills as I assist others with this technology.

I am content with the foundation my first year at Longwood has built, and I look forward to the start of next semester!