About Me

My name is Madison Rowzee and I am a junior Liberal Studies major at Longwood University. I graduated with honors and a 3.5 gpa from Gloucester High School located in Gloucester, Virginia. I was the president of three clubs, one for community service, one for the arts and the other for academic achievement. I was very involved in high school extracurricular activities and this made me a good college candidate. My experience and success prepared me for my adjustment to Longwood, where I now have a 3.14 gpa and am in multiple organizations, most for academics.

I am a natural born leader and will take it upon myself to figure out the situation while assigning jobs to other, to make everything more efficient. I believe that leadership is essential to success because one has to know how to guide others in the right direction. It is extremely important to have leadership skills in a society where many are looking to others for what they should do. Leading is not easy, by any means, but it helps build character and it is a very crucial quality. Along with leadership, having a good work ethic is also imperative. From my time in college, I have learned that time management is one of the hardest, but most rewarding, things to learn. It is part of having good work capabilities, thus promoting achievement in their field. If one is not efficient at what they want to do, there is no sign of success for them in the future.

Ideally, in the future I am a counselor at a middle or elementary school and I am helping the future generations grow into amazing citizens. This is the path that I was born to take, and I will promote good mind and soul for my students for years to come. They will believe in themselves and others with me by their side as a dependable friend and role model. I wish to guide the children of our future in a positive direction, and help them adapt to their lives, dealing with their hurt along the way. It takes a strong person to counsel youth, and I am that person.

Previous work experience:

Lead Camp Counselor

Mathews YMCA (Summer 2015), Middlesex YMCA (Summer 2017)

  • Responsible for the Blue Group, ages 7-13, Monday-Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm
  • Head of the lower staff (regular and junior counselors) and licensing
  • Craft coordinator for all 11 weeks of camp
  • Responsible for First Aid bags and boxes

After School Counselor

Southside Virginia Family YMCA (2016-Current)

  • Responsible for children ages 5-13, Tuesday-Friday from 3:00pm-6:00pm
  • Provide snack, outside time, and homework help
  • Also work Wellness Floor when needed
  • Proficient in childcare, wellness, and front desk YMCA positions