Back to school for Charlottesville


A peaceful march full of candles in Charlottesville

Students are returning to the classroom on Tuesday in Charlottesville, Virginia and the teachers of the county are concerned about their students’ well-being. With the violence and negative atmosphere that has approached their town, teachers are trying to prepare for the conversations and observations that are inevitable for their new students. With the difficult topic of racism and inequality in the air, teachers will have to push these important talks in the classroom for their students to understand what is going on in their community. The employees of Charlottesville schools are taking a pause, before classes begin, to consider how to approach the issue because none are sure of what students were affected or what they may have witnessed. Teacher support may be required for some sensitive students during these times. They have decided that it is their job to wade through the negative and arrive at a positive place to discuss the history and nature of the situation. Taking a light perspective with good information will achieve a positive outcome in the classroom. These teachers will need to approach the discussion of race in a more reflective way and have intentions to make it deeper and more meaningful. Times will be hard with the new school year on the rise in this dreary time, but the teachers of Charlottesville are determine to help their students in the best way possible.

With lancer pride,

Maddie R.