About Me

Hello Everyone,

My name is Emily Regis and I am a sophomore at Longwood University. I am a Communication Studies major with a Public Relations concentration. I currently live in Haymarket, Virginia and have lived there my entire my life. A few things about me include my love for animals, my family and my boyfriend. I have a big family and aam always surrounded by them. We’ve been through a lot together that make us strong and bonded. I have always been and will always be a huge animal lover.

Otto and I

I have a big beautiful Golden Retriever/Akita mix 1 year old puppy. He was the best birthday present I have ever gotten, and he is the biggest cuddle buddy. My love for animals is also part of my job because I work at PetSmart in Gainesville, Virginia. I love my job because I get to see many different types of animals and help people find the best things for their animals.

I have learned many things from being in the workforce as well as taking communication courses here at Longwood. I have learned how to deal with conflict in many aspects of my life from professional to personal. I have also learned how to speak in public and with a large audience, this has never been easy for me. However, now I know how to prepare and execute a speech with professionalism and courage. By being a Communications Major, I hope to enter the field of helping others and being able to be the voice of a company, brand, or person. I have yet to really know what I want to do with my life after college. But I can’t wait to see what is in store.

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