All About Me

Published December 3, 2013 by Rachel Love
My horse Magic and I

I am from a town that no one has ever heard of called Danville. It is on the border of North Carolina and Virginia, literally my back yard is North Carolina. I grew up there my entire life on a random farm in the middle of the city. I now live in Farmville which I love because if I ever get home sick I can just drive down the road and see cows. I am your typical girly girl, my favorite color is pink and my favorite hobby is shopping.Athletic Training is my life. I love helping athletes who are hurt because I was one. I am writing this blog for my English 150 class. All semester we have been talking about rules we learned about writing in previous years of schooling. I learned that everything we learned might not have been true, like starting a sentence with but or and. I hope by reading this blog you will be able to understand the rules of writing and style of writing Athletic Trainers use.