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Organic and Inorganic Pollution

Written by Ryan Bultrowicz. 4 comments Posted in: Uncategorized


Our webpage is targeting the affects of organic and inorganic pollution in the environment.  Inorganic pollution are most of the time chemicals that are made up of high amounts of hydrogen, oxygen or nitrates. Organic pollution comes from natural products such as oil. Our second experiment is aimed at figuring out if pH level is what drives plant growth (environment growth) or if it is the specific pollutant that determines how tall and effectively plants grow. Our goal is to determine exactly how Organic and Inorganic pollutants effect the environment.

By Ryan Bultrowicz, Alex Van Horn, Jacob Romano, and Zach Thurston


Soil pollution is caused by industrial activities, man made waste, and agricultural activities. Another cause is oil spills, which we simulated in our experiments. Learn the effect oil can have on acidity of soil and plant growth through exploration of our experiments.



The CBS news article cited below tells the story of a train that was carrying crude oil gallons. The tank cars had been punctured and the crude oil spilled out onto the soil. None of the oil reached water but Canadian Pacific had to establish a soil remediation plan to deal with the contaminated soil. Not an easy task time-wise or budget-wise(1).

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