By Friday 24th…

To make our e-Portfolio instruction session more productive and helpful for you, would you please complete the steps below by Friday morning, January 24th and be prepared to discuss any challenges and insights you encountered:

Step 1: Read Why Build e-Portfolio? 

Step 2: Read Examples and stages of student e-Portfolios

Step 3: Create your own e-Portfolio by following these instructions

Step 4: Add your e-Portfolio’s link to the course site by following Scenario A

Step 5 (optional) : Play by following e-Portfolio FAQs (e.g., create a post, add a page..)

Bring your professional picture and any documents pertaining to the following areas/tabs of the e-Portfolio to the library session on 1/24/14:

  1. Why I want to be a Teacher
  2. Resume
  3. Certifications
  4. Instructional Material
  5. Behavior Management
  6. Assessment
  7. Skill Analysis
  8. Technology
  9. Curriculum Integration
  10. Communication
  11. Other


Stand out from your peers!

Think about ways that you can showcase yourself. How do you stand out from your

peers? Currently, many of your resumes are very similar. What makes you more

desirable to hire than the next person?


Important: Use your own words!

While it is appropriate to view others portfolios and gain ideas and valuable incites

in ways to develop your own portfolio. It is NOT appropriate to copy information

that others have created. This is plagiarism. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that

if you have chosen to use the words of others that you make changes to your portfolio




Please take the time to read through the feedback that has been provided based on

your current portfolio. Be sure to make the necessary changes to improve the

quality of what you are showing to the rest of the world. As you think about making

changes put yourself in the shoes of an employer and think about what you would

want to see and read about a possible future employee.


Writing a Bio

It is time to grab my attention. The challenge is to see which of you can post the

most professional photograph and write a bio that gets me interested in who you

are. Convince me that it is worth looking through the rest of your portfolio 🙂

Information on how to write a short bio is provided on blackboard.



Hi PHETE students!

This blog site will help assist in the development of your E-Portfolio. The site will provide a safe environment to post your work- in-progress E-Portfolio and receive helpful feedback for improvement from faculty and peers. Having access to others portfolios will help everyone with development of  innovative ideas and hopefully motivate all students to produce E-portfolios of the highest quality. Remember this is your professional digital footprint!