My name is Tanner Perkins and I am a recent graduate of Longwood University. Within this website are various writing assignments I complete during my Technical Writing class at Longwood. We learned a number of concepts like how to use images to effectively use white space within papers as well as how to correctly format a memo. On the various pages here you’ll be able to find a copy of each one of my papers as well as what I was able to learn based on the type of writing assignment.

One of the main reason I chose to take this class was based upon the content. Growing up I never enjoyed to read and write and I was never particularly good at it. Writing essays on what I thought an author meant never interested me and because of this, I was often uninterested and unmotivated to produce my best work. However, this course provided a different option. Creating papers in memorandum format and instruction manual gave me more motivation to work harder considering these could be skills I needed in a job I may have further down the road. So coming into this course I was more purpose driven and developed a way of thinking that allowed me to work harder. I thought of this class more like practice for a job than just another basic English class. As a result, most of the reflections on my papers are all from the point of view relating to how this would effect my professional life down the road.