About Me

Growing up in a time of change will always create a conflict of interest between parties with separate views on how life should be lived. With the vast advancement of technology, a schism has formed between Generation X and Generation Y (also known as Millennials) on the appropriateness of technology in our lives and more specifically, the workplace. As a current undergrad studies senior at Longwood University, one thing that has been stressed to us is how to be responsible with the content we post online. At Longwood, I am majoring in Business and concentrating in Cyber Security. As you may realize, this set up puts me right in the middle of the social media, or technology in the workplace, divide. Within my business classes I learn all about professionalism and how business has been conducted for years. On the other hand within my technology classes I learn about the many new uses of technology and how it could implemented to better serve the business world. I feel there are many gives and takes that each generation can provide. I feel we should focus more on working together with each generation and learning from each other rather than saying we must have it one way or the other. I am curious to see the possibilities we could achieve with the wisdom of the older generations mixed with the fresh ideas of the new generations. As a person who grew up mostly in the technology age, I feel I may be slightly bias to promoting the advantages to using technology. However, I am not naive to the fact that there are many disadvantages with technology in the workplace. These advantages and disadvantages are exactly what this blog is set out to explore and guide you on. This blog was created by me, Rubin Patterson, with the hopes to give helpful tips on how to gain the best of both worlds and have a good online social life experience, while also being responsible and appropriate. It is also a medium for all of us, including me, to ponder the thought of how we as a society may improve on working together and using our resources in the most efficient and synergistic fashion. I hope you thoroughly enjoy my page, and cannot wait to explore these topics with you and hear your thoughts as well on the matters.


Rubin Patterson