More than an Honors student

January 15, 2016 | Comments Off on More than an Honors student

Welcome to my honors portfolio, developed during my time as a student in Longwood University’s Cormier Honors College.

As time passes, being able to say you’re an honors student only carries so much weight. Maybe it garners a littleĀ envy, appreciation, or respect among peers in the school setting, but aside from that just having a title means next to nothing. When you graduate and enter your field, hopefully, of choice, your boss won’t care that you were in the honors college just like no one cares that I was in a high school honors program now that I’m in college.

You have to be more than a title.

We are encouraged to use the opportunities given to us as honors students to explore various educational paths while remaining aware of our own place in the universe – which is small, other people exist.

DSC_0692 (2)

What carries more significance than just saying you’re an honors student, is your values instilled while participating in a program, the opportunities you’ve taken advantage of, and the people you’ve touched and built relationships with.

My portfolio is meant to exemplify how being an honors student has allowed me to grow as an individual versus simply stating
my acceptance as one.