The Final Proposal

My final proposal was based off of my research proposal paper. Parent Involvement is gradually becoming a bigger issue in the schools, as a future educator there are many ways to fix this problem. The best solution for this is to insist that all parents are involved in the school. In a perfect world this would be great, however, we all know that we do not live in a perfect world. Parents will only become involved if they have a desire to do so. As an educator, the best thing to do is to teach the children who have no parental involvement as if they were your own and help them as much as possible. You can continue to encourage the parents to ask questions and be involved in the classroom activities or even come to lunch with the children. Continuing to encourage the parents to attend or be active in the child’s school life will better help improve the child success in the classroom and also help better the relationship between the parent, child and teacher. Another way to encourage the parent to ask questions about the child’s classroom success is to send home a weekly progress report on how well the child is doing and send home their work weekly so the parent can see what the child is successful with or needs improvement with and make room so the parent can sign and return the report with any questions or concerns with their child, so we the educators will know that the parent actually took the time to look at their work and sign it. Parents never really realize the type of impact that they have on their child’s success level. When the children have no support system at home, the children have no one to encourage them to do well in school so they tend to not care as much, the children just want someone to support them and be proud of them when they succeed in the classroom. Parents who show that they care have a much bigger impact on their children than those who don’t.


One Stressful Process!

At first, my research was not easy at all. My subject for my research paper was parent involvement in education. I wanted to know the effects that it has on the children’s success and what causes the parents not to be involved with their children’s school life.  As I started the research process, finding good resources about my topic was becoming a little difficult. My topic was directed more towards special education and it was really hard to find anything on that specific group, so I switched it and did my research on parent involvement all together and tried to incorporate SPED into my paper.  As the weekend before the paper was due approached I still hadn’t found a lot of good sources to use, I had tried several different databases but nothing was coming up so of course I started to panic and started stressing over it, so I asked some of the teachers that I work with at the school if  they had any ideas of any site that I could use for good research on this specific topic and they gave me a lot of helpful tips and a lot of good sources to use in my paper, I honestly don’t think I could have finished my paper without them. So thankful to have teachers that are willing to take time out of their busy schedules to help out a future teacher.


This blog is mainly about my research regarding the rate of parent involvement in the school systems. My goal with this research is to become educated in how it can help to have the parents more involved in their child’s school life, how to improve on the parent involvement, how to work with the parents, and how successful the children are when they are a part of what’s going on in the school.  I hope to include a valid timeline through this blog to organize my journey through this process.