Critical Landscape

Photos © Sara Nelson

I found this photo interesting with the juxtaposition of the “welcome” sign and the tourist advertisement. In the back right, there is a sign for handmade items of Wapiti Silver, another tourist ad.

This photograph blends the common tourist with the equally common student. It portrays how a tourist attraction like the Grand Prismatic Spring can also become an outdoor classroom.

This image blends the information of a traffic sign and the corny appeal of tourism. It harnesses the typical “wild west” theme while still informing the pedestrian that the crosswalk is no longer located “here” and is now “down yonder.”

Graffiti is an important part of understanding a cultural landscape. How locals express themselves across town can tell a lot about the type of people who live there. This electrical box features a variety of stickers, as well as two political points of view from both sides of the spectrum.

~ by Sara on May 23, 2013.

One Response to “Critical Landscape”

  1. Really nice finds! I’m glad you did a take on tourism itself. The first image is really great, I’m not sure if you noticed but the American flag is tattered and is still flying. Which, I take away a lot from that. I like how the outdoor classroom picture is silhouetted so that it becomes less about the people and more about the concept. Its great that we have all of these resources but many who aren’t in the academic setting take away the wrong attitude in the idea of tourism. Non-academics almost simply becoming pawns that nature is meant to be sold to, and not much more. Overall, good job.

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