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Hello! My name is Nathena Haddrill. I am brand new to the Communication Studies program with a concentration in Public Relations. I am from Powhatan, Virginia and a sophomore in college beginning this fall. I plan to join a sorority within the next year or two and I also plan on joining the Lancer Productions organization this year. I was not sure on what I wanted to study in for the first year of college, and then I found that event planning really invited me in. Therefore, I decided that Communications could guide me through the process of learning how to communicate with others in a good form and more professionally.

My experience in communications is more academically related than professional so far. I used to be very shy and quiet in my first years of high school. I got tired of not having a voice, so I joined our theater department and had major roles in a musical and a play. I also did lighting and sound for my senior year, which takes a lot of communication with not only the stage crew and director, but the cast as well. I was also a project leader all through High school with my Graphic design courses and ended up getting CTE (Career and Technical Education) certified in Adobe Photoshop. Professionally, I have worked at Subway. This was a big step with me because my coworkers all spoke another language. It was extremely amazing to listen to at all times, but when it came to trying to listen to my boss, he would speak in both English and Hindi. However, I learned to pull through and understand some of the language.  I hope to gain more experience and become very successful with my career.


2 thoughts on “About Nathena

  1. Pamela says:

    Welcome to the course, Nathena!

  2. Kathryn Reilly says:

    I think it’s really great that you joined Theater as a way to come out of your shell and have your voice heard. Theater is perfect for that kind of goal because it forces you to exit your comfort zone and take on new challenges every day. I also did theater for about 6 years and its amazing how much you learn about confidence, speaking in front of tons of people, and developing who you are as a person.
    You should look into doing a theater production at Longwood. They don’t require you to be a Theater major to participate and they put on some very interesting shows!

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