All students will earn a grade of “C-” or better in at least two speaking-intensive courses beyond courses required for General Education in Goals 1-11 and 13. Speaking-intensive courses shall be designated in the Catalog, in the registration schedule, and on the course syllabus.

To qualify as speaking-intensive, a course must meet the following guidelines:

1. Speaking-intensive courses should require at least one formal speaking occasion for each student.

2. Instructors in speaking-intensive courses are encouraged to require informal speaking opportunities to lead students to explore and articulate course content.

3. Instructors in speaking-intensive courses should give explicit instruction in how to complete the required assignments. This explicit instruction must include giving detailed assignments and a scoring guide showing the explicit criteria, including grading scale, used to score the assignment. If possible, this information should be attached to the course syllabus. Other explicit instruction might include discussing procedures for gathering and organizing information, providing models of appropriate forms, and encouraging rehearsal and revision.

Transfer courses do not normally satisfy speaking intensive requirements.