Allow me to introduce “wp.student”

Who is “wp.student” you may ask? Well I’ll tell you! Back before LU Blogs came to be, UMW blogs was kind enough to share a sandbox space for some folks over in Greenwood Library to try out this idea of bringing WordPress on a large scale to Longwood. Not too long after that we took the plunge and launched Longwood Blogs here.

In the midst of transferring older blogs from UMW over to LU Blogs we created some new user accounts to retain the post and comment author information. These accounts were first names only like “sara” or “brittany” or “scott”. We’ve decided these accounts have served their purpose and so we’ve consolidated these old posts/comments under the generic “wp.student” account like this:  (note the “posted by” author at the top of the post)

So now when you’re browsing LU Blogs, take a minute and thank wp.student for helping with a little housekeeping around here!