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Upon graduation in May of 2017, I will have earned my B.S. in Liberal Studies and minors in English and Special Education. Along with my education I have a wide range of experience in various career environments that have helped add to my toolbox of skills. Working in these different environments has provided ample opportunities to learn new skills as well as being able to apply them outside of work. With my skills in customer service and my education I believe that I will be able to excel in my future endeavors in the medical field.


I had originally been a Special Education concentration prior to entering this class. Once I realized I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, I had to add an additional minor to graduate. My degree will now read as a BS in Liberal Studies with minors in English and Special Education. The addition of the English was the fastest route to graduate in order to move on to the next step of obtaining my dream career. I have always loved writing papers so adding this minor was a perfect fit. I also have been able to apply my previous classes in order to maintain mention of special education on my degree. I fell in love with this area of study, but was heartbroken when I realized that what I loved centered on the medical conditions and not teaching. Upon graduation I believe that both minors will help shape me into a better individual and will push me forward to my next journey through medical school.



English 382- Grammar: Theory and Practice

English 380- Children’s Literature

English 400- Advanced Writing Seminar

English 483- Writing for the Elementary Classroom


Special Education:

Sped 305- Behavior Management

Sped 323- Practicum Reading Assessment and Tutoring

Sped 475- Language and Language Disorders

Sped 411- Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication in the General Curriculum

About Me

I will be graduating from Longwood University with a B.S. in Liberal Studies with a minor in English and a minor in Special Education. The next step in my education will be applying to Eastern Virginia Medical School upon completion of the prerequisites I need in addition to my degree. I intend to follow my passion and ultimately become Physician’s Assistant and hopefully specialize in either trauma or emergency medicine.

Over the years I have worked in a variety of environments such as a restaurant, daycare, and in two different positions on campus. The skills I have gathered range from knowing how to interact with people in a variety of settings to being left in charge of a large area for a long period of time. The daycare allowed for me to interact with the children as well as with their parents. I was able to provided a safe environment for the children and always was able to communicate how the children did with the parents at the end of each day. At the restaurant I am often left in charge of the entire place for eight hours or more. I have worked there for years and I always treat customers with respect and have a smile on my face. My responsibilities range form hosting to managing the money. In all, I really do a little bit of everything at the store. My most recent addition to job experience would be working as a Resident Assistant last year and currently as a Desk Aide. These two positions require a tremendous amount of responsibility as well as patience. I made sure residents of the buildings were safe as well as providing customer service to the parents and other guests who may come and go. It is a job that places a tremendous amount of reasonability on an individual, but it teaches someone how to be professional as they handle a variety of different situations.

Working in these vastly different places has given me the chance to embrace several different roles and responsibility levels. I am confident in being the only person responsible for an entire restaurant that can see about three hundred people a day, but I also can handle very personal situations between roommates. I know how to approach different situations and a variety of people, which I think will greatly help my moving forward as a Physician’s Assistant. Each area has taught me a lot, but I look forward to learning new things each and every day as well as helping as many people as I can in my medical career.



Changing Pace

stethoscopeDeciding to not pursue teaching was one of the biggest decisions I have ever had to make. Over the two and a half years I spent a majority of my time in the hospital with my grandfather. With all of this time in this different setting, I slowly begin to realize that I was pursuing the wrong career path. Once he passed this summer, I decided to finally pursue what made me happy. I had briefly considered NICU nursing, but knew I would burn out fast with the situations that happen in that environment, therefore deciding to pursue a career Physician’s Assistant hopefully in an Emergency Room/Trauma setting or in surgery.

This dramatic change in career paths is daunting, however it has sparked a challenge for me to keep pushing myself to get where I want to be. Throughout the semester I would check in with my friends who are pursing degrees in biology, and I would constantly help them study or ask them to tell me about what they were learning in order to see if this material is something that I genuinely interested in. I found that I was more focused on their material and homework than my own. This general enthusiasm I had for this new material and career path has reassured me that I am making the correct change in pace.