Instructional Manual

During this assignment, I was asked to create a guide that would help users complete a given task. I had to talk to users as if they had little to no knowledge of my subject. This task was somewhat difficult because almost everyone has a basic understanding of finance. To work against that I targeted college students, with the goal of helping them set up a financial plan. I enjoyed this project because I am personally connected to my topic. This project gave me a chance to point out factors that can help student achieve financial goals. The most difficult part was clarifying each step in a understandable order. I believe each of my steps had the same level of importance. Therefore, I had to separate them based on my audience. I emphasized the steps that were more relevant to my audience.(loans, spending)

Ultimately I believe I did a decent job of providing clear steps. However, I could have included more details in my guide. After completing this project, I understand the value of organization. Putting information in a sequence strengthens the overall argument. In later projects I gave greater consideration to filling out the guidelines on assignments, rather than just using a lot of facts and opinions to make my point.