Technical writing class thought me multiple valuable tools that will help me as I navigate my way through college and into the professional world. Most of my past English/Writing courses have had strict content guidelines. Page and word limits usually lead me to overthink my writing. However Eng 319 is based mostly on reach organizational and informative goals. In addition, the assignments that I completed in this class helped me write in a way that argues without unnecessary information.

It was difficult to adjust to this form of writing, but I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to see how document are prepared in the “real world”. In the field of business, technicality and clarity are critical. All fields of business most document actions so that everyone involved has a common understanding.

I am continuously seeking information and tools that will help me become a productive member of the workforce. This overall benefit of this class will not be reflected in a grade, but rather in my ability to implement what I have learned.