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About me

My name is Damitri Moore. I am a Junior Real Estate major in the College of Business and Economics. I always look forward to learning in any possible way. I want to use my time at Longwood University to develop knowledge and skills that will help me become a professional in my field.

I am a dedicated learner

I am proficient with many business concepts, such as economics, marketing and finance.

I am still learning tools that will help me in the future, but I am collecting as much as I can each day.

I want my portfolio to depict the skills that I have adopted from taking English 319. I have learned these skills from actively listening in class and applying course topics to my work.

This course has improved my ability to identify problems, attend to detail, sell ideas, and extract important information. In addition, I learned the true importance of organization and clarity by completing the Proposal and Instruction Manual. The Usability test and White Paper assignments helped me become a better team player because I worked successfully with my subjects/classmates.