Hello Longwood University student leaders! My name is Ed Cabellon (pronounced: ‘ka-bell-en’) and I’m thrilled to be joining you this weekend at the Mountain Lake Leadership Conference as your Keynote Speaker and guest! ¬†We are going to have a great time this weekend and in anticipation, there are few things I will need you to do for me ūüôā

1.  Take this brief, 10 question survey for me.  It will help me tailor my talk on Friday night and subsequent workshops on Saturday.

2. ¬†Create a Twitter account, follow me, and send me a tweet hello, adding the hashtag #LongwoodLeads! ¬†If you already have a Twitter account, awesome! ¬†If you don’t, hop onto a computer and:
a.   Log onto Twitter
b. ¬†Under “New To Twitter”, fill out your full name, email and password.
c.  On the next screen, make sure your Twitter handle is your name (e.g. EdCabellon or Ed_Cabellon or EdCabellon75)  Then click create my account!
d. ¬†Next, fill out your Twitter profile completely by writing a 160 character bio about yourself and by adding a recent head shot of yourself. ¬†If you don’t have one, use your webcam or have a friend take a photo.
e. ¬†Before you Tweet, read this Twitter Tutorial, then send me a tweet hello ūüôā (e.g. “@EdCabellon Excited to meet you this weekend! #LongwoodLeads”)

3. ¬†Do a quick Google Search on your name in quotation marks. (e.g. “Ed Cabellon”) ¬†Click on the left to see what Google Images are associated with your name as well.

Finally, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or via email about what you are most excited about this weekend and what you hope to learn. ¬†I’m excited to meet you all this weekend!