Once again, thank you everyone for the opportunity to be your guest speaker this weekend.  I hope you learned a lot and are feeling empowered to do good work back on campus and in your own lives.

As promised, here are the links to my slidedecks from my presentations this weekend:











I hope you also fill out this quick survey and give me feedback on my time with you during the Mountain Lake Leadership Conference.  Finally, here is the link to information on the #LongwoodLeads hashtag!

Thanks again, and I hope our paths cross again soon, in person and online!



Hello Longwood University student leaders! My name is Ed Cabellon (pronounced: ‘ka-bell-en’) and I’m thrilled to be joining you this weekend at the Mountain Lake Leadership Conference as your Keynote Speaker and guest!  We are going to have a great time this weekend and in anticipation, there are few things I will need you to do for me 🙂

1.  Take this brief, 10 question survey for me.  It will help me tailor my talk on Friday night and subsequent workshops on Saturday.

2.  Create a Twitter account, follow me, and send me a tweet hello, adding the hashtag #LongwoodLeads!  If you already have a Twitter account, awesome!  If you don’t, hop onto a computer and:
a.   Log onto Twitter
b.  Under “New To Twitter”, fill out your full name, email and password.
c.  On the next screen, make sure your Twitter handle is your name (e.g. EdCabellon or Ed_Cabellon or EdCabellon75)  Then click create my account!
d.  Next, fill out your Twitter profile completely by writing a 160 character bio about yourself and by adding a recent head shot of yourself.  If you don’t have one, use your webcam or have a friend take a photo.
e.  Before you Tweet, read this Twitter Tutorial, then send me a tweet hello 🙂 (e.g. “@EdCabellon Excited to meet you this weekend! #LongwoodLeads”)

3.  Do a quick Google Search on your name in quotation marks. (e.g. “Ed Cabellon”)  Click on the left to see what Google Images are associated with your name as well.

Finally, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or via email about what you are most excited about this weekend and what you hope to learn.  I’m excited to meet you all this weekend!



Welcome to our MLLC 2012 blog! We have created this blog for you to use as you prepare for the 2012 Mountain Lake Leadership Conference!  Not only can you blog about how excited you are before, during, and after; it also can help you understand all the exciting things we will be learning and doing over the weekend.

Check out the various pages to find, program information, speakers bios, and the entire schedule for this conference.

We encourage all of you to use this blog to prepare and comment where you feel compelled, but please remember to use proper web-etiquette as this is meant to be an inclusive and professional online community.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday!


S.E.A.L. and The 2012 Mountain Lake Planning Staff

Welcome Letter

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Dear Mountain Lake Participants,

S.E.A.L would like to welcome all of you to the 2012 Mountain Lake Leadership Conference! It is a great honor to have everyone here participating with us! We hope that all of you enjoy what our key note speaker, Ed Cabellon, and our faculty and staff presenters have prepared for you this weekend. It is with their help, that Mountain invites all of you to take this opportunity to explore yourselves, expand your experiences, and gain a better understanding of what it truly means to embrace Millennial Leadership. Here at Mountain Lake, we hope you take the time to appreciate your surroundings and the opportunities that are presented to you. We promise to make a conscious effort to stimulate, motivate,and inspire all of you in our own way, with hopes that all of you will leave having gained knowledge about yourself as a leader.
However, in order to do so we ask that each of you step outside of your comfort zones, open up your minds, and allow yourselves to absorb your experiences. It should be each of our goals to leave this weekend knowing that we have the power and tools necessary to make a change  in ourselves in order to be the leaders that we want to be.Lastly, we would take some time to thank all of those that helped make Mountain Lake possible.Without people like Jen Rentschler, who is extremely devoted to Mountain Lake and S.E.A.L, and Kat Raborn, whose amazing ideas helped bring liveliness to the conference, Mountain Lake would not be possible. We would also like to thank all of our presenters who took time out of their lives to behere with us this weekend! Mountain Lake would not be possible without any of you, and we would like to offer all of you our greatest gratitude are respect.We encourage participants, S.E.A.L. members, faculty and staff to make the most of your time here at Mountain Lake. We hope it is a rewarding and gratifying experience for you all. 


The Student Educators for Active Leadership