What is Music…

Music is an extension of our voice. It gives us another means of expressing our self, another way to speak. Music has helped people all over the world express their emotions, opinions, and views. But it is more than that, it is therapeutic. In studies, it has been proven to relieve anxiety and depression. It gives people with emotional disorders a way to let all the stress and pain out. By giving people another voice to express themselves music help relieve stress for anyone.

Even just listening to music is an expression of emotion. The choice of music is the expression, faster paced music could be anger or happy as slower paced music can express
sadness or pain. People choose music to listen to everyday and the music they
choose shows their emotions of the day. Even those who don’t play an instrument can express their emotions through music.

But what allows everyone around the world do this is the expression of emotion done by
the musicians. Musicians use flats and sharps, tempo and melody to express how
they feel. I myself do it when I play my cello. When I’m angry I tend to play
at a faster tempo with short strong bows and when I’m happy the bows is more
bouncy and even when I’m sad I change how my play and lengthen the bow to long
soft bows. All of this can be done while playing the same song. Showing how
music is an expression of emotion.

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