We’ve all seen it. We’ve all heard it. That creepy guy who just doesn’t know when to stop ‘flirting’ with that girl. It usually (hopefully) gets interrupted by the girls’ friend who “urgently” has to be anywhere else in the world except well; there. Growing up with 3 older sisters, who all either worked as a waitress or in retail, I constantly heard their war stories from their nights’ shift. It was either, “This creepy old guy kept flirting with me the whole night”, or even more serious situations where men had to be asked to leave due to the aggressiveness of their behavior.

SO what do we need to know gentleman??

Bad luck Brian

Bad luck Brian

Gender intimidation, my man. Julia Wood quotes in her book, “Gender intimidation occurs when members of one sex are treated in ways that make them feel humiliated, unsafe or inferior because of their sex.” This is where people say things, that make girls/guys feel uncomfortable or even fearful for being a certain gender. I asked my sisters if they had any examples of gender intimidation and one of them told me about something that happened not too long ago. During a 1 on 1 meeting she had with a client, after talking business for about 10 minutes, he randomly asked my sister if she was single and that he was having trouble finding “sexy, yet good women” in the area. Feeling extremely uncomfortable, my sister ended the meeting as soon as she could.


Not only is it creepy fellas, it’s definitely a game killer.  In reality, you never know how uncomfortable you are making that person feel. In 2014 alone, 6,862 people filed for a sexual harassment claim in the workplace. With only 17.5% of men making those claims, it means us fellas have to step it up! Now there’s a difference of making a fool of yourself when you’re a trying to flirt (trust me we’ve all been there) than being an all-out sleezeball. That’s a technical term right? Luckily we’ve made advances in todays work environments, passing laws such as the Title VII Civil Rights ac of 1964.  Now I’m not saying do exactly what this guy does, but if you need to, by all means please take notes!finger