The Art of Manliness

January 29th, 2015

     I stumbled across this video and appreciated the ‘realness’ of its content! He acknowledges the “hyper-masculine” cartoonish image portrayed by the media and completely scratches it! Just as girls, us men also have a unrealistic version of what our gender should be and act like. Advertising like these commercials is what adds the misconstrued image of how the male gender should be  like that our ‘little dudes’ are getting. There has been a common theme in today’s advertising that we see a overly aggressive male (thank you Terry Crew) doing ridiculous things such as fight a shark or walk onto the beach as astronaut!

In this video he says it perfectly, “If you want to be a man, simply act like one.” Theories discussed in our book a the social learning theory, suggests that we do what we do because we’ve learned it through our social interactions with our peers or the media! In layman’s terms, “monkey see, monkey do.” I applaud this Youbtube channel for not falling into the stereotype of being a ‘manly man’ and telling us you don’t have to have wrestle a bear to receive your man card! I believe it is our job as the next working class Americans to challenge these gender norms so our kids to grow up in a homogenized environment.


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