Teamwork has impacted my life in more ways than one. I have learned strong leadership skills, responsibility, and respect for others opinions and words. At Longwood University, I am an Ambassador. Our duties include running tours, open houses, leadership conferences with new students, and community service activities. I currently hold an Exec position in Ambassadors, Sargent at Arms. My position entails that I control a room of fellow Ambassadors. Currently I have to control 92 students, make sure they are following the rules and regulations needed, and help run our general body meetings (gbm). I have to be able to be completely unbiased, and I have to be able to work with every Exec member and everyone in the gbm. In doing so, I have to find new ways to appease everyone in the organization, and find new ways with Exec to solve problems. Ambassadors is the definition of teamwork. When we are not in the gbms, we are giving tours and running open houses. We all have to work together to ensure that every family has a tour guide, knows where they are going, and is happy. Once that is done, we have to work with Admissions. This is not always fun; it can be crazy, unorganized, and even frustrated. We have to ensure that we are working directly with Admissions, in order to know exactly what our jobs for the day is. Sometimes we are camp site leaders, tour guides, golf cart drivers, and even open house directors. It can be a wild and crazy ride, but it is well worth it. When we all come together everything usually lines up in place.