Media Criticism Spring 2012

Part 1: Deconstructing Super Bowl Ads

Find Your Own Niche

What is your niche? If you don’t have an idea now, the Internet’s wide access to specialized web pages can help you find that out. General news stories appeal to the traditional print newspaper audience, but the web opens up opportunities for people to read exactly what they are looking for. Whether your niche is […]


According to Ken Doctor (2010), the author of Newsonomics, the 7th out of 12 laws he determines that are shaping our news world today is how Reporters are now becoming more avid bloggers. It seems like any credible news reporter also has their own blog-site where they write stories sometimes twice or more a week. […]

Dateline: Watch This Show!

While watching the show 30 Rock I noticed that they often times poke fun at products created by the company General Electric.  After doing some research I found that until recently NBCUniversal was owned by the conglomerate General Electric until … Continue reading

Digital Dominance

We have entered an age where increases in technological advances are beginning to exceed some human capabilities.  Our economic problems are the main cause behind America’s job shortage, but many people blame advancing technology for the job shortage as well.  Authors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee of the e-book “Race Against the Machine” write, “Many […]

Technology versus humans, who wins?

I ask you to picture a typical day and count how many times you think you use any piece of media technology. For me, I counted over 65 times a day I use media technology which includes my laptop, the internet, television, radio, iPod, and cell phone. These tools are used all over the world […]

Regional Today, Local Tomorrow

Take a minute to think about how many newspapers are delivered to your house. My family gets three delivered to our house; the local one, the more local one, and the really local one. Since technology has transformed the way … Continue reading

How Do They Know That About Me?

Have you ever wondered how the advertisements on Facebook knew what you like? Well every computer has a small file called a cookie, or HTTP cookie, which stores information about all the websites you have visited. There are many different jobs a cookie can do. A cookie may store information about how you like to […]

The Rebirth of Local News – How Hyperlocal News Sites Are Helping

As I’ve written before, newspapers have been closing their print editions or closing their doors forever. Local newspapers have been hit the hardest by the Internet age. Fear not though, the same element that has led to the closing of local newspapers has also led to its rebirth in the form of Internet startups.   […]

Bloggers are Reporters; Reporters are Bloggers

Or at least they should be. The most successful of news giants are taking to the internet and their reporters are blogging. They’re “blog posting” more than they’re “story writing. (Doctor, 123). The New York Times hosts more than 70 blogs. The Journal News has over 50. These companies have their staff blogging, not outsiders. […]

Spread the Word

In today’s world its all about the digital. Newspaper’s are moving to online versions and hiring bloggers to offer a more relaxed version of their news. Now that their online, its now time to drive traffic to their sites. This is where marketing comes in. Just as with reading print newspapers are becoming more of […]

“Class, Please Pull Out Your iPads!”

Technology is so simple to use for today’s generation. Hand a middle school or high school student a new phone, laptop or tablet and they will have that thing up and running and surfing the web in no time. Kids … Continue reading

The Fight of Decade: Newspapers vs. The Web

Small town newspapers are facing a huge battle in terms of staying relevant and even alive in this new age of the internet and the speedy access to news and information that this medium provides consumers.  Looking at a small … Continue reading

Who’s the ‘middleman’?

When you open your internet source, what is your homepage? Is it considered a portal that will take you to other links or websites? Well for me, Google is the first thing I see when ever open up the internet on my computer, but why do people use these sites? Why set Google at as […]

Evolution of Journalism: Blogging

Since the creation of the Internet, individuals are now able to connect to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Most of these connections have been made through a new type of journalism: blogging. Blogging has provided interactive collaboration … Continue reading

Paper in the Digital World – How a Dying Industry Is Adapting

Since the dawn of the digital/internet age it’s been no secret that newspapers are becoming obsolete. Newsrooms are downsizing at high rates and some papers that have been in business for a hundred years are shutting their doors forever, not even offering an online edition of the paper. Some big papers have a market penetration […]

The Social Media Takeover

At home we have a rule that we are not allowed to use cellphones at meal time. My parents basically came up with this rule because I would always bring my cellphone to the table and I could not get through a meal without an interruption. I would constantly be checking Facebook, Twitter, email, and […]

How Major Newspaper Companies are Staying Alive

An hour a day is the amount of news most Americans are consuming every day, which according to author of Newsonomics, Ken Doctor says is about the same amount of news Americans consumed 10 years ago (Doctor 2010).  Even though the average American has kept the statistical measurement of one hour a day of news […]

Where did the readers go? Online!

Do I have my IPhone? Check. Do I have my Tablet? Check. What’s on the agenda today? Work from 8 to 3 and Soccer practice at 4:30. I have to get dinner ready, make sure the children do their homework, and get everyone in bed by 10:00pm. These could be the thoughts of a working […]

Old News Is Gone… But How Gone?

In September of last year, a documentary called Page One: Inside the New York Times was released. This documentary looked into the life of one of the most powerful newspapers ever to exist and the downfall of traditional media. The New York Times has famously broken major news stories, such as the Pentagon Papers, and […]

Carved Into Stone

picture courtesy of My iPhone has three separate apps on its homepage dedicated to delivering me news no matter where I am. My Facebook feed fills up with my friends using media apps to view popular stories and breaking news. Not to mention my twitter feed is in its own ways a very personal […]

I saw it on Facebook

The other day I heard about a shooting that had happened in Richmond during the early hours of the morning. I didn’t’ hear it on the radio driving to class, I didn’t watch on Fox or ABC news, and I … Continue reading

A Martyr’s Story

video courtesy of YouTube user phillyvideofan Enter two emotionally troubled teens, one Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold; eighteen year old students of Columbine High School, a common find in the social gathering known as the American public school system. On the day April 20th 1999 thirteen innocent lives ended when the two teens brought an arsenal of […]

The Difference Between Fact and Fiction

The first shots of the Columbine Massacre were heard at 11:19 a.m. on April 20, 1999; after that, the school, the county, and the nation would be the same. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, both students of the high school stuffed their book-bags with a number of deadly weapons and entered the school with the …

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On April 20, 1999, in the small town of Littleton, Colorado it started off as an ordinary spring day, well for most residents. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would soon change that for everyone. For almost a year and a half the two friends had been planning a gruesome attack on Columbine High School. On […]

The Truth About Columbine and the Media

When a news story is so tragic it becomes national news, if an explanation for the horrific situation is not clear right away, people search for one. These people are those directly affected by the tragedy, the media and the average American thousands of miles away from the story. The Columbine High School massacre was […]

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