Media Criticism Spring 2012

Part 1: Deconstructing Super Bowl Ads

The Rebirth of Local News – How Hyperlocal News Sites Are Helping

As I’ve written before, newspapers have been closing their print editions or closing their doors forever. Local newspapers have been hit the hardest by the Internet age. Fear not though, the same element that has led to the closing of local newspapers has also led to its rebirth in the form of Internet startups.   […]

Paper in the Digital World – How a Dying Industry Is Adapting

Since the dawn of the digital/internet age it’s been no secret that newspapers are becoming obsolete. Newsrooms are downsizing at high rates and some papers that have been in business for a hundred years are shutting their doors forever, not even offering an online edition of the paper. Some big papers have a market penetration […]

Carved Into Stone

picture courtesy of My iPhone has three separate apps on its homepage dedicated to delivering me news no matter where I am. My Facebook feed fills up with my friends using media apps to view popular stories and breaking news. Not to mention my twitter feed is in its own ways a very personal […]

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