Media Criticism Spring 2012

Part 1: Deconstructing Super Bowl Ads

The Life and Times of Social Networking

Social networking is the new fad nowadays. Everyone I know probably has one or more of the following: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Tumblr, Flickr, or Pinterest. Even I will admit that I have the majority of these, and visit them all dozens upon dozens of times every day. They help me keep all of my friends …

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Find Your Own Niche

What is your niche? If you don’t have an idea now, the Internet’s wide access to specialized web pages can help you find that out. General news stories appeal to the traditional print newspaper audience, but the web opens up opportunities for people to read exactly what they are looking for. Whether your niche is […]

You Can’t Sit With Us!

You’re sitting in your room reading a newspaper, just doing your thing. When all of a sudden you hear a little ring on your computer. Not knowing what it is, you go over to check it out. Turns out one of your friends just read an article on somebody’s blog. You start reading it, and […]

How Social Media Has Changed the Game for Journalists

Social Media has affected journalists in a huge way. It has completely changed the way many journalists’ report and research stories. I have noticed this myself by watching media on T.V. and reading articles. Journalists in the past were not so fortunate to have so many different tools at their disposal. All they had was a notepad and some intuition.  I for one have used social media […]

Dateline: Watch This Show!

While watching the show 30 Rock I noticed that they often times poke fun at products created by the company General Electric.  After doing some research I found that until recently NBCUniversal was owned by the conglomerate General Electric until … Continue reading

We’ve Come a Long, Long Way Together

When I hear people debate about advances in technology, I often hear two opposing sides.  Some say that the internet is something that they absolutely cannot live without; others claim that dependency on technology is ruining our lives.  What do I think?  I would have to agree with both sides.  I’m not the type of […]

Digital Dominance

We have entered an age where increases in technological advances are beginning to exceed some human capabilities.  Our economic problems are the main cause behind America’s job shortage, but many people blame advancing technology for the job shortage as well.  Authors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee of the e-book “Race Against the Machine” write, “Many […]

Regional Today, Local Tomorrow

Take a minute to think about how many newspapers are delivered to your house. My family gets three delivered to our house; the local one, the more local one, and the really local one. Since technology has transformed the way … Continue reading

I blog,Therefore I Report!

Have you noticed that many newspapers writers write not only for their company but also have a personal blog? In this day and age taking advantage of technology is the best way to stay ahead of the curve. Many people do not believe so but many newspapers are transferring to online sources, as stated in […]

How Do They Know That About Me?

Have you ever wondered how the advertisements on Facebook knew what you like? Well every computer has a small file called a cookie, or HTTP cookie, which stores information about all the websites you have visited. There are many different jobs a cookie can do. A cookie may store information about how you like to […]

Tech Savvy

Technology has been taking over the news world for at least four years now. Journalism has received a makeover and news has become just a click away. My parents still read the newspaper every morning and I have observed that mainly people from the generation before the technology boom, read their hardcopy newspapers as well […]

Bloggers are Reporters; Reporters are Bloggers

Or at least they should be. The most successful of news giants are taking to the internet and their reporters are blogging. They’re “blog posting” more than they’re “story writing. (Doctor, 123). The New York Times hosts more than 70 blogs. The Journal News has over 50. These companies have their staff blogging, not outsiders. […]

Bigger Might Not Always Be Better!

Do you know who controls what you see? Times have changed from when our parents watched the news. Over the past 20+ years the amount of companies controlling the news we see have decreased from 50 to about 6. According … Continue reading

Spread the Word

In today’s world its all about the digital. Newspaper’s are moving to online versions and hiring bloggers to offer a more relaxed version of their news. Now that their online, its now time to drive traffic to their sites. This is where marketing comes in. Just as with reading print newspapers are becoming more of […]

Get Your Eye on the Target, and Shoot!

Do you ever wonder why certain advertisements pop up on the side of your webpage? Has it ever occurred to you that the advertisements are directed right at you? It’s almost as if the company promoting the product knows that you may be interested in what they are selling. Well here’s a reality check, they […]

The Rise of Blogging in the Newspaper World

Blogging has been popular among amateur writers for years. Recently, professional journalists have explored with blogs and incorporated them into their newspapers’ online site. According to Schultz and Sheffer (2009), “online technologies could help media businesses improve efficiency and effectiveness and enhance communication with audiences” (p. 30). Since some companies have not made the move to the […]

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