Media Criticism Spring 2012

Part 1: Deconstructing Super Bowl Ads

The Difference Between Fact and Fiction

The first shots of the Columbine Massacre were heard at 11:19 a.m. on April 20, 1999; after that, the school, the county, and the nation would be the same. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, both students of the high school stuffed their book-bags with a number of deadly weapons and entered the school with the …

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Is it Safe?

Columbine.  It’s hard to hear the name and not think of the massacre that happened thirteen years ago.  In addition to the anniversary of Columbine, it has also been five years since the Virginia Tech massacre.  Both of these stories received national attention as American tragedies, and since then, school safety has been an important […]


On April 20, 1999, in the small town of Littleton, Colorado it started off as an ordinary spring day, well for most residents. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would soon change that for everyone. For almost a year and a half the two friends had been planning a gruesome attack on Columbine High School. On […]

The Columbine Doom Theory

The tragedy of the April 20th, 1999 Columbine massacre left society looking for the answer of “Why?”. People were blindsided by the actions taken by the high school gunmen of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. When the media released information … Continue reading

The Aftermath of Columbine

April 20, 1999 is the date when the name Columbine became more than just a name of a high school in Littletown, Colorado but a name of a tragedy. Seniors Eric Harris and Dylan Kleboid brought homemade  bombs to school and guns killing off 12 students and one teacher and then took their life. During […]

Beyond Scared Straight: The Media

It is a nice spring morning on the day of April 20, 1999 in a suburb of Denver called Littleton. Parents were getting ready to leave for work, and students were on the bus ride to school longing for their … Continue reading

One Girl, One Movement, One HUGE Impact

There are many events that have taken place in history where time just seems to stop ticking. Events that you are able to look back on and remember exactly where you were and who you were with at the moment when the news got to you. Events that make you feel like the wind was […]

Columbine: A Media Frenzy

On April 20, 1999, the small town of Littleton, Colorado suffered a tragedy that their town would never forget. Two, seemingly normal boys committed the crime which caused America to fear sending their children to school. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold entered Columbine High Schooland killed 12 of their peers and 1 teacher before ultimately […]

He Said She Said

In a small town in Colorado, on an average school day, one of the worst mass killings took place at Columbine High School. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were average seniors on the verge of graduating. On April 20, 1999 all of that changed. Harris and Klebold were confused teens that felt the need to […]

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