Media Criticism Spring 2012

Part 1: Deconstructing Super Bowl Ads

Rumor Has It

April 20, 1999 is a day that has gone down in history as a day of death, sadness, and fear. On this day at Columbine High School, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went through the school causing chaos. These young men killed 13 fellow students before taking their own lives. But why? Rumors have been growing causing great […]

A Martyr’s Story

video courtesy of YouTube user phillyvideofan Enter two emotionally troubled teens, one Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold; eighteen year old students of Columbine High School, a common find in the social gathering known as the American public school system. On the day April 20th 1999 thirteen innocent lives ended when the two teens brought an arsenal of […]

The Difference Between Fact and Fiction

The first shots of the Columbine Massacre were heard at 11:19 a.m. on April 20, 1999; after that, the school, the county, and the nation would be the same. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, both students of the high school stuffed their book-bags with a number of deadly weapons and entered the school with the …

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Columbine: How Media affects Our Lives.

April 20, 1999 is a date that would go down in infamy, as it is the date that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold attacked their high school killing 13 people before eventually killing themselves. Columbine High School located in Littleton, Colorado was slammed with the media during and after the incident. The shooting has gone to be one of the deadliest shootings in […]

The Truth About Columbine and the Media

When a news story is so tragic it becomes national news, if an explanation for the horrific situation is not clear right away, people search for one. These people are those directly affected by the tragedy, the media and the average American thousands of miles away from the story. The Columbine High School massacre was […]


Thirteen lives lost, many injured.  Countless affected.  Columbine is known as a mass murder and a school shooting.  But it was never supposed to be exclusively a shooting.  It was a planned bombing that had failed.  Had the bombs detonated, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would have killed five hundred people in the first few […]

The Columbine Doom Theory

The tragedy of the April 20th, 1999 Columbine massacre left society looking for the answer of “Why?”. People were blindsided by the actions taken by the high school gunmen of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. When the media released information … Continue reading

Creating Stereotypes: How Columbine Media Coverage Changed Our Perception of the School Shooter

On April 20, 1999, America’s perception of the school shooter was forever changed by the media’s coverage of the Columbine High School shooting. Plagued by questions and in search of answers, the media scrambled to discover what happend but more importantly, why it happened. Collecting eye witness and police reports, the media constructed a stereotype […]

Beyond Scared Straight: The Media

It is a nice spring morning on the day of April 20, 1999 in a suburb of Denver called Littleton. Parents were getting ready to leave for work, and students were on the bus ride to school longing for their … Continue reading

Tragedy, Media, and 15 Minutes of Fame

On April 20, 1999 two teenage killers, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, killed 12 students and 1 teacher at their high school. We all know the story of Columbine, but many don’t know how much of the publicized version of that story is really true. The revenge shooting of jocks by a group of Gothic […]

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