Media Criticism Spring 2012

Part 1: Deconstructing Super Bowl Ads

Helpful to Your Product, Harmful to Your Children: Advergaming Decoded

Advergaming – you’ve probably never heard the term before unless you happen to be the creator of advergames. So what exactly are advergames? Advergames are Internet based games, usually linked with a food or toy product that combine the product’s marketing message with the game experience. Essentially, the game is really one long, repetitive, and […]

Advergaming is Not All Fun and Games

Food companies (e.g., General Mills, Nabisco and McDonald’s) have recently developed a new advertising technique called “advergaming,” food brand-sponsored game websites which aim to coerce children into buying unhealthy food. Children often do not realize they are being advertised to on these sites, even if the website posts a disclaimer. Advergaming is a deceitful way […]

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