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You Can’t Sit With Us!

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You’re sitting in your room reading a newspaper, just doing your thing. When all of a sudden you hear a little ring on your computer. Not knowing what it is, you go over to check it out. Turns out one of your friends just read an article on somebody’s blog. You start reading it, and get captivated, you read on and on until you come to the end. You realize that your newspaper is on the floor, what becomes of that newspaper, do you go back to it, or read another post?

There is a controversy concerning the newsroom and the safety of ones home as a place of journalistic inspiration. Although this controversy exists, in my eyes, blogging to the world could be a way of journalistic expression. It’s been left out, just like Regina George was when she was wearing sweats.
According to Newsonomics many reporters actually go through this process and become bloggers, just like Jon Lasner.

This could all correlate with the idea of the Agenda-Setting Theory, which states that the news media doesn’t tell us what to think, but what to think and worry about. Same goes for blogging. In the world of the blogosphere, people are writing stories about incidents and issues in the world. They’re making you think about what is going on in their opinion, versus an unbiased outlook. David Carr a columnist on media for The New York Times gave countless number of cases where the issues of blogging as a journalist came across. Essentially the issue was, whether it was credible and whether information was stated, “You can’t just sit on your computer all day. You need to get off your butt, go out there and interview sources, investigate the issue yourself and then write what you’ve learned.” My rebuttal to that is something that I learned in my Media Writing Class… You can grab information from anywhere, even in the privacy of your own home. We are surrounded by information and the world is at our fingertips. No matter how you get, information is always available for you to use.

In conclusion. The news media today is creating a schism all on its own. Blogging, Newspaper, Broadcasting, Youtube, whatever media device you use… Anything can be considered journalistic, as long as you are credible and being smart. Without the credibility or the edge that makes your piece stand out, you cannot call yourself a journalist.




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