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In today’s world its all about the digital. Newspaper’s are moving to online versions and hiring bloggers to offer a more relaxed version of their news. Now that their online, its now time to drive traffic to their sites. This is where marketing comes in. Just as with reading print newspapers are becoming more of a thing of the past, so is traditional marketing. Media has begun to use viral marketing and its being used to sway the media. This new way of marketing is run by the journalist instead of PR.



Viral marketing is all about getting people talking about you, your company, and your brand. “Word-of-mouse is the single most empowering tool available to marketers today.” (Scott 2008) First a company has to get itself on the web. They can then spread the fact that their online through Twitter, Facebook, or another social media site. These sites allow for readers to see that your online and tell their friends. Social media sites are very mainstream so it makes sense to go and put your message where your clients are already going to be. Blogging is a good start but if you want to create a great buzz its better to move to other sites as well.




Joan Welsh is a blogger that has harnessed this new way. Welsh is the author of “Not just another Joan Walsh blog!”, her official Joan Walsh blog on Salon. Not only does Joan blog continuously, she also tweets.

She uses twitter to talk about her blogs and other things like her take “on Joe Biden, Rupert Murdoch, Bruce Springsteen, and, of course, her beloved San Francisco Giants” (Doctor 2010). As Doctor puts it, she is “a social player” (Doctor).


Welsh is using the internet effectively but these aren’t the only ways to use it. Journalists can also use the internet  to see how their doing. When blogging, its important to figure out what you can blog about that will “get the maximum search-engine hits to the piece that really defines what you’re doing that’s uniquely valuable” (Doctor 2010). According to David Scott’s World Wide Rave, there are six ways to measure success in the online world. These are: ” how many people are exposed to your ideas? How many people download your stuff? How often do bloggers write about you and your ideas, and what are they saying? Knowing where you appear in search results for important phrases is also a measure of success, as is the number of people that engage with you and make the choice to speak to you about your offerings.” (Scott 2009).




Its great for news companies to have an online presence but if no one knows about or if no one is talking about, its almost pointless. If businesses want to grow, they have to get theirs known. Journalists need to do more than just blog. They need to use social media to drive traffic to their sites so that their company can continue to expand.

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