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“Class, Please Pull Out Your iPads!”

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Technology is so simple to use for today’s generation. Hand a middle school or high school student a new phone, laptop or tablet and they will have that thing up and running and surfing the web in no time. Kids in today’s society can look up things so fast it’s unreal the power that they have given the technology available.

I see kids in elementary school walking around will iPhones in their hands and Kindle’s in their backpacks. Teachers are no longer telling students to put away their cell phones and laptops, but they are experimenting with the use of technology in classrooms. The technology offers applications that can make the classroom learning experience more enjoyable and memorable.

Ken Doctor’s Law No. 9: Apply the 10 Percent Rule is a simple technology equation. Let your technology do 90 percent of the work, while you do 10 percent of the work. The technology is already programmed to assist us with what we need to get done. All we have to do is simply type in a search word or create a username for the program. Neil Johnston took iPads to a classroom, taught the students a song, and showed them on an iPad app how to play that song on real instruments.

Click here to view the embedded video.

A school in Texas allows students to use cell phones donated by HTC to practice decimal points, take pictures for research projects, or beam documents to one another. Other apps offered allow students to match math equations to answers and combine pictures to make your own weather reports or podcasts. In Alabama students can tweet questions to their teachers, or use Skype on their smart-phone in Nebraska for an interview. In Mississippi high school students are learning about history through Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on a large screen with answers displayed while students use a remote to choose the correct one. The technology is there and it is programmed, you just have to know how to use it.

This is important because it is changing the way kids learn today because there are so many new tools to use with teaching in the classroom now. This can increase interaction amongst the classroom and get kids more interested in what they are learning about because they get this cool iPad to play music on for an hour. It makes the learning process limitless because you can do practically anything with technology.


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