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The Times They Are A-Changing

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In Ken Doctor’s Newsonomics, he discusses the new trends that are shaping the future of the news.  He hypothesizes “Twelve New Trends” that will shape the news we receive.  Trend, or “law” number two is “The Digital Dozen Will Dominate” (Doctor, 2010).  The “Digital Dozen” consist of global-reaching companies that will “dominate” the news business.  Doctor names four top news sites in the country: Yahoo, MSNBC, AOL and CNN and The New York Times (Doctor, 2010).  The New York Times is the only newspaper company in the top five.

Referred to by Doctor as “the old Gray Lady of print”, The New York Times won the best of broadcast awards, the Peabody (Doctor, 2010).  The reason behind this newspaper company’s success?  Their ability to adapt and succeed in the transition to web-based media.  The Times has partnered with NBC, both gaining mutual advantages from one another.  As Doctor puts it, “The Times gets video; NBC gets Times writers and columnists on air” (Doctor, 2010).

The Times has also brought in multimedia and multiplatform journalist, David Pogue.  Pogue is the whole package – he’s a phenomenal journalist on multiple levels; as a columnist, as a blogger, as a video-blogger.  He has appeared on multiple cable series; written a Missing Manual series on Apple products and usage; has a very popular Twitter following; AND has musical theater talents (Doctor, 2010).  By snatching up such a dime-piece journalist, the Times has a huge advantage in this media revolution.

The Times has furthered its internal revolution by introducing the “Times Extra” feature to its web users. This feature offers headline links to stories (even those by other companies) below related Times articles.  The aim of this feature is to encourage web users to make the go-to source for news, because there, they offer it all.  Not to mention, the more visits that the site receives, the more advertising the Times can sell (Doctor, 2010).

These are just a few of the many steps that this top-notch company has taken to adapt to this new media age, in which the internet is overtaking print.  Let other companies be warned, it’s going to take a lot to keep up with the Times.

Doctor, K. (2010). Newsonomics: Twelve trends that will shape the news you get. New York, NY: St. Martin’s Press.


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