Decorum Used in Communication

Decorum is a tactic used in order to persuade your audience by your appearance and character. In “Thank You for Arguing,” Henrich explains that the word ‘decorum’ in Latin means fit. A communication expert needs for his or her audience to believe that they are ‘fit’ to communicate with them. Communication experts may be announcing news, relaying facts as a spokesperson at a business meeting, or explaining to a crowd why an individual is suitable to be voted into office.

Decorum can enhance your physical appearance, think Katie Couric, and the way in which she presents herself to her audience. She has neatly cut, and carefully styled hair. Her makeup is designed to suit her as perfectly as possible, and her outfits are both professional and flattering. <— Check out the decorum found on Couric’s Twitter page!

Decorum can be usefully put to use when creating a pamphlet to highlight the high points of a speech at many times. You want everything about your presentations to show professionalism, knowledge, and individual character.

Decorum, as spoken of in “Thank you for Arguing,” is a highly important aspect in the communication field. Not only can it land you a job, but can encourage moving up the ladder to the profession you dream of.


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A New Outlook on Beauty

Have you ever seen a commercial or TV show that is advertising with a plus size model and thought to yourself “well if she is plus sized, I must be plus sized times 4″? There are so many negative connotations associated with being “plus sized” that you can’t help but have an image in your head of an extremely over-weight woman. I, myself, am not overweight and would not normally be put into the category of plus sized women, but I will have to admit that I do feel plus sized compared to the barbie-sized models that are put on magazine covers.

Barbie-Sports Illustrated

Along with how I find out about a large number of news going on around the world, I saw something abnormal as I was scrolling through Facebook the other day. It was a larger woman on the cover of a Sports Illustrated magazine. This caught my attention along with a lot of other people that I am connected with through Facebook. Why do we automatically associate negativity with a plus sized model? I did some further research and found that Ashley Graham does not feel that there needs to be a division between plus size and “regular” size models, but that if you feel the need to put her into that category, that’s fine. Huffington Post says they hope that 2015 will feature even more models of different body shapes and sizes. The fact that it is not totally expected for us to look like Barbie anymore will have a very positive affect on the coming generations.

In Julia Wood’s book Gendered Lives, she talks about growing up feminine. Young girls are given dolls, more specifically barbies, that give them the impression that they are supposed to look like the dolls, and that it is normal and expected. They are taught that appearance still counts, and that they are supposed to be skinny, pretty and well groomed. Young girls are taught that they aren’t feminine if their appearance doesn’t match up. Ashley Graham says the reason why she is comfortable doing what she does is because she has women looking up to her as a role model, because they never had curvy women as role models growing up.

It is important for, young women especially, to know that it is okay to go against the “norm”. As a woman, it is very uplifting to read stories like this because it gives women the confidence and willingness to just be who they are. Even though appearance does still matter in a lot of ways, it is not as much of the main underlying characteristic of a person as it once was.

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The Holiday Blues

It’s the holiday season, people are buying presents for loved ones and showing their friends and family how much they care. This can spark media to shove love in every advertisement and commercial to entice couples but also leave us single folk, running to the hills. Michael Kurr of states that depression may occur in any time of the year, but peaks in the months of November and December due to the holidays, and because of the dreaded countdown to Valentines Day.

The film industry is known to break out their romantic comedies and heartfelt dramas during this time of year as well. This season, a much talked about movie About Time featuring Rachel McAdams, is ready to make the loved swoon and the lonely reach for their favorite body pillow and box of tissues.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Do the film industry, like the rest of the media want to make the lonely feel more alone on the holidays? The pressure of being in a relationship around the holidays is insurmountable, I’m sure you hear it from your families across the Thanksgiving table, “So are you seeing anyone?” “What happened to that one fellow?” The holiday season is already about spending a lot of money and spending time with family. But, does the media want more? Does it want us to spend our emotions and cave into the holiday slump and the overwhelming pressure to be in love?



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How did they know I liked Jelly Beans?

A big issue with google is the issue of privacy. Everything you look and including your emails has been gone through to pump ads that may or may not even be interesting to you. For example, you look up Sperry’s one time just to see what they are and then out of no where every time you log on a new email as well as ads pop up for Sperrys. The issue is, how did they know that I was looking at shoes and now how do I get the repetitive ads from coming up? Google has every email you have ever searched on gmail as well as every search you’ve ever made. However, Google has a disclaimer when signing up but not too many people ever read they just click dismiss ( I too have done this). Google can even look up what you have searched for up to 6 months……. WHEN YOUR NOT EVEN LOGGED IN!!!! All of this according to CNN reporter Frida Ghitis who is a strong advocate against these actions. She has a strong point fighting google on their motto “do no evil”. Why should we trust them to do no evil when they shouldn’t even have the opportunity to do it in the first place.U.S. citizens are protected from the government by the Bill of Rights but for some reason Google does not have to worry about invading us. They mine our information just to sells ads and direct them towards us. Since they have our information what happens if someone steals the information that they hold? This means all out information could be known to someone else who does not follow Google’s motto. They would run peoples bank accounts into the ground. Our private information should be ours and not someone else’s ever. England has a movement to make these practices illegal and maybe the U.S. should follow their lead and fight back against corporations and their power over our information

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Mark Twain once said,

“I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.” “The Obituaries” may be a morbid title for a blog post, but hear me out.

I am from a very small town, covered with cow fields and church pews, black roads and corn rows, and well, you get the point. From the time I turned 13 and on, I was good and ready to see the world. The mountains seemed to threaten to hold me there, in the valley. But now I am four hours away, and I have started to realize how much beauty was there, mostly in the people.

Those who lived in my small town loved the newspapers. My mom has newspaper clippings all over my house back home. She loved cutting out the honor roll column from my elementary school, when my name was listed. She would hang it on the refrigerator, and when the next six weeks were up she would put it in her hope chest and hang the next up. My grandparents would never fail to write up a good article about a loved one who had recently passed, and pay to include it in the paper. When the paper came out, they would buy endless copies, hand them out, and keep a couple for themselves. Writing up an article about a loved one, or cutting out an article with your child’s name or picture on it was so meaningful back home.

I truly believe that towns need the sense of community that newspapers give, and I do not believe an online source would mean half as much. People want to hold something to hold onto. Not all, but most want to put something away for safe keeping, and a newspaper does the trick.

I truly believe newspapers live, because there is a healing process in obituaries. Cutting out an article with your child’s name on it means more than seeing it online, where it will eventually be taken offline to make room for the next articles. I agree with Mark Twain, obituaries are important. I also believe that obituaries do more for a person emotionally when they are in the traditional black and white clad, fresh from the printing room.

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Which new console will you choose? Xbox One or Sony PlayStation 4

Out with the old, and in with the new! It’s that time of year again when new consoles are being made replacing what we already think is relatively new. Seven years later, Sony and Microsoft are at it again competing to see who will sell this year’s new game console.


Sony is presenting us the newest version of the PlayStation franchise, the PlayStation 4. According to the PS4 will be a “comeback” for the PlayStation franchise. With it’s new sleek 6 pound game system, a new dual shock 4 remote that is similar to the “Sony’s game pads that debuted in 1997″, and ;et’s not forget to mention the screen resolution quality going as high at 1080p. Sony’s pretty much ready for launch, releasing 23 games during it’s release.

Microsoft is presenting us with their new product the Xbox One. With it’s new slick fast voice system with more storage, controller more improved with an overhauled D-pad and the Kinect 2.0. IGN mentions the ames coming with it include Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct, Project Spark, Titanfall, Quantum Break, D4.

Although both of them are coming out with new consoles, these consoles both have cons. lists all the pros and cons of buying a console at launch.

Personally speaking, I’m all for the PlayStation 4 just because I still own my PlayStation 2 but my brother on the other hand is all about the Xbox one since he owns a 360. Everyone has their own opinions on which console is better and the critics will always assume one is better than the other but each fan will always have a favorite. So which one will you choose when the launch arrives?

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The Soul of Football

We can’t deny that music has a huge impact in shaping and mending our culture. In each social order there is a specific beat they are renowned for. These beats vary depending which corner of the world you’re listening to. Even though most cultures do things, eat things differently and listen to different things there is always a commonality within them all, Football (soccer). Football is THE world’s sport, in which we celebrate it every 4 years during the World Cup. The World Cup is so spectacular because we are able to see the world come together and play the beautiful sport we all love, with each country bringing its twang to the equation. With all that being said, I want you to ponder the this thought,  does the type of music each culture listen to affect the way they play this beautiful game?

Check out this video:

Click here to view the embedded video.

This is called Capoeira. This is the soul of Brazil. Capoeira originally started out as a type of music, containing 5 basic instruments: Bermibau (a musical bow), pandeiro(tambourine), atabaque(hand drum), agogô(hand bell) and a reco-reco(  The reco-reco is a section of bamboo with notches cut into the side; it is played by rubbing a stick back and forth over the grooves).  This genre of music quickly turned into a dance, as most music tends to create.

But why am I saying all this? During the summer of 2012 I lived in Brazil for 3 months, traveling along the Northeastern shore of Brazil playing soccer. And during every game I played, whether it was in a stadium or in the street with the locals, music was the heart of the game. In Brazil, football isn’t just a sport, it’s a way for them the express themselves and you can see that in the way they play. Capoeria has a high rhythm beat to it, which is correlated in the Brazilian style of football. Watch this video, i’ll prove it to you! 

Click here to view the embedded video.


So, what do you think? Can you see the similarities in two videos? Can you see the soul and passion brought out the music and how it correlates to the pitch?

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A Time to Intervene

Have you ever wondered how reality television stars get away with doing the things they do in the presence of a film crew and producers?  This issue is rarely talked about because producers of these risky reality television shows like “The Real World” and “Jersey Shore” are more concerned with their ratings then the criminal and safety aspect of the actions that are taking place.

“Intervention” is A&E’s number one television show.  According to this article, it attracts up to two million visitors on its best nights.  This show follows the everyday lives of those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.  This show has received a lot of grief for standing by and filming the hazardous actions that the addicted person partakes in rather than stepping in and stopping these acts.


In an episode of “Intervention” aired in 2007, a female who was suffering from alcohol addiction was filmed chugging vodka and getting into her car immediately after.  The producer was aware of the severity of this action and even commented, “You have had a lot of drink.  Are you sure you don’t want one of us to drive?”  Although these words are reassuring, the producer allowed the woman to get into her car anyways and filmed her attempting to stay in between the lines while behind the wheel.


This situation raises a serious question.  When it comes to reality television, when is enough enough?  While producers and film crews may not have a legal obligation to intervene, should they have the moral capacity to stop these events from taking place?  Or is raising the number of television viewers more important than the safety of our citizens?

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Beyond the Print 2013-11-09 00:42:55

A Non-satirical Blog Post about Satire.

Oftentimes news can be pretty depressing. News can cover anything from obituaries to storm wreckage with few hearts and rainbows in between. Even when news is of the happier tone, it is rarely written with the intention to entertain audiences, just entertain or inform them. There is an often overlooked form of news that almost always tends to be amusing to some degree. This type of news is called Satirical News.

What is Satire?

According to Satire means the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, or the like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc” ( This is exactly what satirical organizations and news reporters apply to news in order to make it satirical.


 An Example

The Onion is a news source that calls themselves “America’s finest news source.” To an uninformed first time reader, The Onion’s articles could be startling and confusing. The current feature is an article about a dance studio owner, Hayley Caslin and her studio. The title itself is definitely different- “Woman Always Dreamed Of Opening Her Own Sparsely Attended Dance Studio.” The photograph is of a woman looking irritable at the camera in a studio with two students dancing in the background. In the interview Caslin says; “Just a year ago, I could have never imagined I’d leave my promising dance career in New York, come back home, and sink my life savings into a studio space that’s so bare and empty that the sight of it makes even interested potential patrons uncomfortable,” she continued. “But look at me now: I’m two months behind on rent and I’ve made myself physically ill from stress and lack of sleep. It’s like a fairytale” (The Onion). Who would say that statement? No one in their right mind of course. This is an example of how Satirical news works.

The Trouble of Satire

Although The Onion covers news stories like the prior mentioned and expands to just about any topic imaginable, most popular satirical news sources are politically based. is another satirical news site that focuses on more political satire stories than The Onion. The National Report does discuss other satirical news as well. Their news site is set up to look like a non-satirical news source site. In fact apparently the site and journalism was so convincing that FOX news ran a story on television that was written for the fake, satirical site. The article claims that President Obama busied himself by using his own pocket money to open a Muslim Museum during the government shut down period.


 “Folks, this is a time to focus on things that are important to us in America. Sure, we would all like to see the government open, it just is not that simple. What is simple is me funding the International Museum of Muslim Cultures so it will remain open during this horrible time in our nation’s history…” (National Report)

If this didn’t catch the attention of Fox news as satirical, who knows what would. Does this misinterpretation mean anything? Could satirical news be having a negative effect on society? Matt Hammer believes so in his article about how satirical news affects society. Hammer stated; “However these newer shows are negatively affecting society and taking away from more “newsworthy” sources.”

Hammer has a point. If news listeners are tuning in more closely to these satirical newspapers, shows, and sites instead of real news, are they clear of what the real news even is? Fox news is a trustworthy source of news in the United States. If even they made the mistake of believing a satirical source to be real, there could be some problems.

In Conclusion…

Satirical News sources can be fun and entertaining to read. Occasionally they may present a way of thinking of something that one might not have considered before. But they are primarily a form of entertainment, not reliable news sources. The inhabitants of this world need to be careful of what they read and believe. They should feel free to read satirical news stories fora good laugh, but they should always keep in mind that they need to stick to the reliable and REAL news sources for the facts.



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Radio Shows While Sleeping

Us college students have such busy, demanding lives. We’re piled with homework, and papers out the wazoo! So what is the one thing we do to find relief besides getting into trouble? The answer is sleep. If you haven’t heard this stereotype already, college students don’t get nearly enough sleep that they need. According to the University Health Center of the University of Georgia, college students get about 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night, when we really need 8 to 10 hours. One thing I do to help me sleep is listen to soft music. I have been doing this early childhood. Some people find this strange, or say that it would just annoy them. The question is, does listening to music while sleeping actually help people sleep, or make it harder to sleep?

Scientific research has been done on this subject. According to U.K. mail online science section, listening to music while sleeping improves your memory. In your sleep, your brain oscillates. This means it has a rhythmic, or repetitive pattern of neural activity. When listening to music while sleeping, these oscillations synchronize with the rhythm of the music, which slows down your brain oscillations. This is turn creates for a better memory, and improvement of sleep. This slow-wave sleep is critical to help better retain memories. The more a person gets slow wave sleep, the better their sleep will be.

I am one of the few that listen to music while I sleep. Since I lost my crib as a young 2-year-old, the new comfort I had was to listen to music. I first started out listening to the local D.C. station called smooth jazz 105.9. That station would put me to sleep in a second every night, and made sleeping in a big bed a bit less scary. Once I got my first iPod, I would use all types of different songs to sleep to. When I tell people that I sleep with music on, their reactions generally tell me that it’s strange; when in reality, I could be getting a better nights sleep than they do.

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