What is music?

The question is impossible to universally answer. The dictionary will tell you that music is a series of organized sounds, or something to that effect. My friend Joe will tell you that any music that does not suit his tastes is in fact not music. I lean towards the dictionary’s definition.

Music should be the purpose a person places on music in their life. Whether to relax, have fun, relate or explain, music can be whatever a person wants to make out of it. I believe if you were to ask one thousand people, “What should music be?”, I believe you will get one thousand answers.

The kind of music I like has to be different. I like music that is interesting. Music that sounds just like everything else I often find boring, and lazy. I also enjoy music that is heavy with emotion. I enjoy when I can relate my own feelings, whatever they may be, happy and sad to a song. That leads back to, “What music should be?”, as I often use music as a method to explain my emotions.

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