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Love Is Blind, But You Are Not!

She is thin and pretty. He is tall and strong. She is elegant and polite. He is attentive and patient. She is sweet and takes care of him. He makes her feel protected and loved. She always knows what to … Continue reading

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Nonverbal Communication Speaks Louder Than Words

Have you ever been so worried about what to say to persuade someone that you completely forgot to take into consideration how to say it? This happened to me this summer when I went to a job interview. I was … Continue reading

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Love Makes a Family

My step-brother is gay and has been in a relationship with another man for three years. This year, they started the process to adopt a child. All my family fully supported his decision and we were all very happy and … Continue reading

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Who I Am & What I Do

My name is Marta Pinyol Davi and I just finished my sophomore year at Longwood. I am double majoring in Communication Studies and in Psychology. I am from Spain but I came to the United States to study because I … Continue reading

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