Marta, from Spain to Farmville & “Growing a Pair” on the Way

My name is Marta Pinyol Davi and I am from Barcelona, a beautiful city in the Mediterranean coast of Spain.  Next semester I will be a senior of Communication Studies and Psychology at Longwood University.  Communications Studies has always been my main interest and the field ofwork I want to pursue as my career.  Psychology is a very interesting degree that, in my opinion, complements Communications Studies perfectly.  I love studying at Longwood University because the classes are small and the professors really care about you. In addition, Longwood is a very involved campus and my life has been enriched from belonging to several organizations including Lambda Pi Eta and Psi Chi.  I also enjoy being a student-athlete, participating on the Women’s Tennis Team because it keeps me in shape while also giving me the opportunity to travel to other universities and discover other States.  Longwood has recently been accepted into the Big South Conference and I am really looking forward to the challenging schedule it will give us.  I encourage everyone to support the different teams!

Me playing tennis at Longwood University

Being a student-athlete while double majoring is really challenging but I think that it is preparing me very well for the future. All the communications and psychology classes that I have taken so far have helped me develop a set of skills that will be crucial to getting a job in today’s competitive business world.  For example, last fall semester I took Applied Organizational Communication and learned how to prepare and conduct a communication audit for a company.  I found that class really interesting and now strategic consulting is one of the careers I might pursue when I graduate. This past spring semester I took Consumer Behavior, my favorite psychology class so far.  It completely applies to my communication studies and has taught me how American consumers think and different strategies in marketing products or services.  This past semester I have also done an internship with Uppidy, a communications enterprise that releases applications for smart phones.  My job with Uppidy consisted of marketing their new application to Longwood students, faculty, and staff.  Again, all the communications and psychology classes that I have taken so far have helped me, in one way or another, to do a good job every day.  Some of the classes that have been crucial in helping me succeed with my internship include Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Persuasion Theory, Consumer Behavior, and Human Factors.

I have lived in different countries, traveled to many other ones, and love learning about new places and cultures around the world.  However, it always saddens me that every country that I have visited or read about holds a prevailing sexist attitude.  I realize that most developed societies have progressed towards gender equality but at the same time it
frustrates me that there is still a long way to go.  What especially gets to me is the great amount of sexist verbal expressions that exist in both English and Spanish (and probably most other languages), and how often we use them without even realizing the harm that they do.  A good example of this is a Spanish expression my family and friends use to compliment me.  The expression is “Tener un par de huevos”, which literally means “To have a pair of balls”.  They use it to compliment me for being brave by going to the states to get a degree by myself.  However, I think it is sexist because it attributes bravery to the male sex and I don’t think it should be a socially accepted expression.  I am really looking
forward to taking this class because I want to learn how to use my communications studies to make a positive impact towards gender equality on people surrounding me and the world overall.

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5 Responses to Marta, from Spain to Farmville & “Growing a Pair” on the Way

  1. Ariovalda says:

    could you increase the amount of your posts, i would like to read them more often. thanks.

  2. Naomi Johnson says:

    Hello again Marta!

    I’m so happy to work with you again in a summer online class. I’m looking forward to hearing your insights about how Spanish and US cultures share similarities and differ with expectations for gendered norms. You’ve hit on something that we’ll be talking about in more depth next week – how the words we use – even simple expressions – are one key way in which we create and reinforce gendered norms. But the good news is that this means we can use language to challenge and change gendered norms too!

    Dr. Naomi

  3. Wayne Malcolm says:

    Marta, I have to say I like how you compared being a student athlete and double majoring to your possible future, and the workload that you may face after you graduate. I found your comment about the countries that you have read about or visited interesting; you said, “it always saddens me that every country that I have visited or read about holds a prevailing sexist attitude.” I would have to agree with that in large part because in my home country Jamaica, you will find sexist attitudes from the news, media and especially in the Jamaican pop culture stemming from the music that is made. This class will definately enlighten us on why this continues to happen.

  4. Shelby says:

    Sorry, my last post somehow got submitted before I was done.

    I admire your high involvement at Longwood University. Being an athlete has to be very hard, along with double majoring and being involved in two clubs is very impressive.
    I hope by taking COMM 470 we can come to find an answer of why such expressions are often over looked and are not held to a higher standard.

  5. Shelby says:

    I must comment on a very catchy title. you related it very well with your input on sexism. I do believe that what you said about sexist verbal expressions is true and is often over looked. We do not fully understand the way some of these expression can be evaluated and often can offend someone.

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