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Crazy Stupid Masculinity Norms

“Your wife cheated on you because you lost sight of who you are as a man.” That is what Jacob (Ryan Gosling) tells Carl (Steve Carell) in the movie Crazy Stupid Love. Carl is a sensitive middle-aged man who loves … Continue reading

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“Yes, it’s a Boy!”

How many times have you heard a man saying “I want a boy” when asked about his desires regarding having children; I personally lost count a long time ago. My parents always wanted to have two kids. My mother had … Continue reading

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Marta, from Spain to Farmville & “Growing a Pair” on the Way

My name is Marta Pinyol Davi and I am from Barcelona, a beautiful city in the Mediterranean coast of Spain.  Next semester I will be a senior of Communication Studies and Psychology at Longwood University.  Communications Studies has always been … Continue reading

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