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My name is Marta Pinyol Davi and I just finished my sophomore year at Longwood. I am double majoring in Communication Studies and in Psychology. I am from Spain but I came to the United States to study because I was given the opportunity to play for Longwood’s Tennis Team. I always thought that going to a foreign country to study would be a great experience for me, and it has been! I love my two majors and I love my life at Longwood. In addition, I like American culture a lot, and through traveling with my team I have also gotten to know and experience other states other than Virginia such as North Carolina, Washington D.C., West Virginia, and South Carolina. Here is the link to Longwood Women’s Tennis Team so you can see our schedule for next season and come to support us! 🙂

Every communication class I have taken has provided me with many useful communication skills. For example, last semester, I took organizational communication and we had to prepare an event to raise money for a non-profit organization. During the process I learned the important role of interpersonal communication when individuals must organize themselves to accomplish goals. I also learned how to cultivate an organizational culture, how to develop an organizational brand, how to create positive and productive communication and work methods with my teammates, and how to address and resolve the client’s needs and concerns. Another class that has provided me with a crucial skill in the communication field is Public Speaking. This class helped me gain confidence when talking in a public setting or when presenting a class project, a skill that has been crucial for all of my college classes and my life in general.

In addition, double majoring has been enriching to my college experience, since it provides me with the opportunity to study two different fields that perfectly complement each other, and also allows me to gain a deeper insight in each area. Although sometimes people do not see a direct relation between my two majors, I think that they are extremely connected and I love studying both at the same time. Psychology theories and case studies always help me understand communication theories and concepts and vice versa. For example, last semester I took Theories of Personality while I was taking Conflict Communication. Learning about different personality types helped me understand why and how conflict is caused. At the same time, I learned techniques to solve conflict by viewing different personalities as a source of diversity rather than problem sources. Double majoring and being a student-athlete is definitely a big challenge, but I think I am making the most of my college experience and I am very proud of my performance thus far. This year I have received recognition for my efforts by receiving a Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Communication Studies.

Finally, I think that this class will be crucial to help me manage my interpersonal relationships in a more effective manner. Since I was born, I have lived in different countries and have experienced different cultures. As a result, I have been surrounded by very different people. Thus, I had to learn how to adapt to new cultures, to live apart from my family, and to be autonomous. My life experience has provided me with not only an open mind but also with the ability to tolerate and understand people that have different customs and beliefs than my own. However, there are still many aspects of my interpersonal relationships I wish to improve, and I think this class will be a great way to help me do so. I am especially excited to learn about interpersonal communication behavior within the professional field, since it is the type of behavior I am the most unfamiliar with, and I plan to enter the professional field in a few years.

Me playing tennis for Longwood

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  1. Stephen Thorsteinsson says:

    Hello, Marta, I noticed that no one commented on your blog, and I wanted to return the favor. I think it’s fascinating that you’ve lived in other countries, that’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. Well, a lot of people do, of course, but I always have these urges to buy plane tickets to other countries for no particular reason. You seem to be really determined to succeed all the way at whatever you do, and I really respect that.

  2. Dr. Naomi says:

    I can’t wait to hear some of your insights about how culture influences interpersonal relationships. In chapter 2, we’ll be talking about the generalized other, which really influences our expectations for our own identities and for others. We’ll talk about how mass media, as a part of the generalized other, is one important source of cultural norms. One thing I’ve been very impressed about with Spain is that they have outlawed models who are an unhealthy BMI (http://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/story?id=2450069&page=1). I wonder if you’ve noticed any differences between how women are portrayed in mass media in Spain and in the US? Do you think that there has been any influence on girl’s and women’s body images in Spain because of this? You don’t have to answer this here, but it’s food for thought for the next chapter!

  3. Sarah Banschenbach says:

    Hello Marta! Studying abroad can be hard to adapt to, and I am glad to hear you are enjoying your time at Longwood. One of the items on my bucket list is to visit Barcelona! I have always enjoyed learning about the culture, the language, and the people of Spain. I recognize you from the tennis team, since the tennis courts were so close to my dorm I watched a lot of the matches this past semester. Another commonality between us is our interest in Psychology. Before becoming a Communication Studies major I was extremely interested in the field of Psychology and sometimes wish I didn’t give up on the academic path. Good luck with the work load that comes along with double majoring and with tennis! Go Lancers!

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