Welcome to my technical writing ePortfolio.

Professional Profile

My name is Wesley Marshall. I am currently a Longwood University student majoring in Business Administration. At the beginning of the Spring 2017 semester, I was a computer science major. About midway through the semester, I found myself changing my major. I decided to change from being a computer science major to business administration with a concentration in information systems and cyber security. Considering this was such a critical change to my college education; I did not want to give up everything I have accomplished up to this point. I decided to keep computer science and added it as my minor. While growing up I have always had an interest in computers and thought computer science was for me. However, after taking my first information systems class this semester that changed. I found myself drawn to information systems and cyber security. This led to my switch from computer science to business administration.

Some of my previous work experience includes two years of retail experience working at Walmart. From this company, I started as a cashier working up front. Then, switched to being an electronics associate. During all this time, I have worked in other departments to help when necessary. Other than Walmart, I will soon be a future instructional technology collaborator at Longwood University. From my work experience, I have developed skills in managing customer satisfaction, workplace organization, and team management to work on completing job tasks in fast-paced working environments. Overall, I find my education and work experience makes me more capable of handling future careers dealing with business and technology.


ePortfolio purpose and content

During the Spring 2017 semester at Longwood University, I took English 319, Technical Writing. From this class, I have learned to be a technical and professional writer. This was achieved through usage of formal and informal projects that helped with the development of skills. These projects provided practice and retain the skills and concepts learned in class. Before this class, there were multiple technical writing documents that I did not know about. Some examples documents are memorandums and white papers. I can say that I am now capable of creating well formatted technical documents.

This ePortfolio showcases complete class assignments that I have created from technical writing. Every assignment and activity completed entitled a core learning outcome. From these assignments, the needed skills to become a technical writer are formed. The main project documents that were created from this class are a proposal, manual, usability report, and a white paper. Each document has a different way of setup and skills needed to create them. Then having an association to one or more course core learning outcomes. There were five different course outcomes, but two showed up more frequently. These outcomes were creating documents to convey complexity. Then, developing strategies for successful collaboration.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize and analyze effective (and ineffective) technical communication;
  • Create documents that clearly convey complex, technical information for targeted audiences and demonstrate effective rhetorical use of visual and verbal elements;
  • Practice oral communication skills through informal and formal presentations;
  • Develop strategies for successful collaboration and to analyze the effectiveness of strategies when applied to collaborative interactions;
  • Participate productively in class activities, presentations, and discussions.