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Blog #2: Issue History- Sweating the Stress Away

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Whether or not Longwood University needs a 24/7 gym is highly debatable, but students on campus voice their opinions daily and it seems important to at least pay attention to those voices which express the desire for longer hours in the Health and Fitness center. Longwood’s Fitness center was first created back in 2007 and is open for 95 hours out of the week. That’s a pretty good amount considering the 168 hours that a week consists of; it’s more than half the hours in the week, to be exact! But, still I hear students continually suggest the hours be extended. When I started thinking about what I wanted to write about for my proposal, it took me some time to make the decision…but what really got me interested was when I did my own sort of test to see if the audience existed for such a proposal. I went onto Facebook and went to Lancer Opinions, asked them to post a discussion question: What would you think of having a gym that’s 24/7? The responses grew quickly for about an hour, until the question most likely faded from everyone’s news feed. People came forth with excited reactions considering such an idea. I was surprised that people really existed out there that would want to go to the gym at 1 am or 4 am. It seems insane, and of course dancing with the idea of a 24/7 gym is not the main focus here but what people had to say offered some knowledge as to why students could use, at least, extended hours in the center. They also offered some pretty neat solutions to various problems that would arise because of an extension….

Lancer Opinions Page:

It seems that students either: 1) Find themselves stressed frequently or, 2) Have crazy schedules that don’t allow for normal-time-of-the-day access to the gym. Students find themselves working into the late hours of the night, especially around exam times and after a long 3 hour session of cramming and violent snacking…some want to work it off: the food and the stress levels. Some students say that they get restless at odd hours of the night and look to the gym to blow off steam and energy. Unfortunately, the gym is not open late enough for them to work off whatever’s bothering them. Other students have demanding schedules with demanding work loads, so by the time that they are finished with both school and homework…it’s already too late to work out!

Stressed Student- Creative Commons

In an interview regarding the opening of the center the  former Longwood President, Patricia Cormier, said: “We believe that this new center will shape the mind, body, and spirit – the whole person, if you will, and that has always been a goal of higher education” (Caldwell). The intentions for this fitness center it seems have always been to better the students in mind and body. The center has so much to offer in its 7500 square foot facility (Caldwell)…cardio and strength equipment, a track, various classes, several basketball courts and a weight room to get specific.

With that being said, if the goal is to improve the quality of student health here at Longwood, let’s all do what we can to achieve that goal! Although the center provides a decent chunk of hours to the student body (and faculty) to use the center, people still want more. They want more because we are in the type of environment that requires more: more time, more energy, more work, more more more! If we have a community that requires more, we should consider giving them more. If the goal of higher education is anything like Cormier envisioned, then we need to do all we can to preserve it.

Article Citation:

Caldwell, Gina. “Creating a Fit U: Longwood Debuts New Health and Fitness Center”. Spring 2008. Web.


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Comment by Michelle McMaster

September 23, 2013 @ 2:34 pm

I was really intrigued by the Lancer Opinion page comments, I thought the they brought up a lot of good ideas! I really wanted to comment on the 24/7 aspect from the opinion page. I do think a lot of students would be willing to work until midnight or a bit later (maybe 2 am) but if the gym was truly 24/7, I’m not sure students could work till 4 or 5 am. The security system is a really interesting idea that you could explore with Popular Forest as an example or chain gyms such as 24/7 Fitness. If you wanted to go that route, you could compare the costs of the security system to having a police officer watching the gym in the late hours, as the police do at the library when it’s open late during exams.
I know your goal is to extend the gym hours, not necessarily make it 24/7, but you could always incorporate the idea of 24/7 to make your extension of hours seem more moderate, if you wanted. Sign of decorum after all (:


Comment by Megan Clements

September 25, 2013 @ 7:54 pm

Oh! That’s a good point: using the 24/7 to make my idea seem more reasonable. I’m trying to get an interview with someone over at the gym…like a manager but I’m having trouble. I need to go by there in person tomorrow since email is not working.

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